Geelong Hydroponic Gardening

Geelong Hydroponic Gardening

Geelong Hydroponic Gardening Inc. was established as a non-profit organisation dedicated to disseminating information about hydroponics and related topics to its members.

It is managed by a committee elected by its members and all office bearers serve in an honorary capacity.

Membership of this Hydroponic Gardening group consists of hobbyists, commercial growers, professionals, horticultural students, retailers and manufacturers, all dedicated to learning more about hydroponics.

DO NOT advocate the growing of products of an illicit nature.

We are one of the larger hydroponic hobbyist groups within Australia. Our membership consists of members from not only Victoria but South Australia and Queensland.

This group also encompasses aquaponic culture as well as hydroponics.

The members of the Geelong Hydroponic Gardening Inc. enjoy monthly meetings. These meetings are held at 18 Beauford Ave, Bell Post Hill, Geelong; starting at 9.30am on the 2nd Sunday of each month, Feb-Nov., with December being our Christmas break-up.

Visitors are always welcome.

Members also receive a bi-monthly newsletter and are invited to contribute items of interest. This is a great way to request specific information on articles or to interact and share your own growing experiences.

We hope you enjoy your visit, for further information, please contact us.